The summer of matte painting. I've discovered a new love for matte painting and have made a couple projects just down that alley. At Township & Co, I was asked to make some matte paintings for the legendary rock band, Rush.These films were seen by throngs of ravenous Rush fans during their latest and greatest world tour. We teamed up with AXYZ to design and create this floating world, matte painting / set extensions and VFX. THE RIVER!!!


Client: Rush
Director: Dale Heslip 
Executive Producer: Allan Weinrib

Post Production: Township & Company / AXYZ
Executive Producer: Amanda Lariviere
Creative Director: Ron Gervais
Art Director: Dave Greene
3D Animation: Dave Greene
Compositing: Dave Greene, Joel Saunders, James Andrews
Modelling: Dave Greene, Emrah Gonulkirmaz
Matte Painting / Design: Joshua Michie